Tuesday, April 20, 2021

These Online Shopping Platforms Are on a Mission to Help You Shop Smarter

As fun as it is to tap “yes” on a pair of Jimmy Choo flats, there’s more to the online shopping platform than meets the eye: The Yes effectively works as a middleman, connecting big and small brands to enthusiastic online shoppers from all over the country. It doesn’t carry any inventory, and brands pay a small commission to The Yes for each sale made on the app. There are no hidden fees, and The Yes covers the cost of shipping and returns (free for shoppers), in addition to troubleshooting any delivery issues. For smaller labels like Araks or Carolina

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A 9/11-style commission on the Capitol insurrection is destined to fail

On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Congress would establish a 9/11-style commission to examine the “facts and causes” behind the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the US Capitol. Such a move, even if motivated for the right reasons, is bound to fail. The United States has none of the conditions necessary for a successful truth commission. Pursuing one anyway would yield little benefit and almost certainly preclude undertaking another commission when conditions are right. Congress should wait.

A truth commission focused on Jan. 6 would produce very little. In most countries, the fact-finding objective of truth commissions is

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Gentle, Organic Jewelry Cleaners That’ll Make Your Accessories Shine Extra Bright

Gentle, Organic Jewelry Cleaners That’ll Make Your Accessories Shine Extra Bright

© Faferek/Adobe.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the more you accessorize, the more upkeep your jewels require. This is especially true for pieces like engagement rings, wedding bands and earrings you wear for weeks on end: Over time, diamonds don’t shine as brightly, and silver and gold (depending on the karat) tarnishes as a result of air and moisture exposure. But luckily, you can bring the bling back with help from an organic jewelry

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Ruth Dayan, Who Built an Israeli Fashion Brand, Dies at 103

Ms. Dayan was Israel’s first “activist designer,” said Neri Oxman, the provocative architect, inventor and M.I.T. professor. Ms. Oxman, who is in her 40s, grew up in Haifa surrounded by Maskit objects, like so many in her generation.

“It was through design that she practiced social entrepreneurship,” Ms. Oxman said of Ms. Dayan. “Her taste for fusing tradition with high modernism was embodied not only in Maskit’s objects, but in the company’s culture.”

“I am not a ‘do-gooder,’” Ms. Dayan wrote in her book. “It is true that I try to help individuals, whether Arabs or Jews. But this

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Round Trip Brewing Opens in Underwood Hills, Atlanta, for German-Style Pilsners and Lagers

Round Trip Brewing opens Friday, February 19, in the Underwood Hills neighborhood. The 26,000-square-foot brewery located on Seaboard Industrial Boulevard features a taproom and bar with 12 taps, an outdoor beer garden, and an event space.

A 15-barrel brewhouse with 30-barrel fermenters and seven-barrel tanks allow CEO and head brewer Craig Mycoskie to create double batches and one-off beers for Round Trip.

Mycoskie, who has an affinity for German-style beers, worked as a brewer for over 12 years in Denver, Forth Worth, and Austin. He volunteered at Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing Company while attending college in Athens, Georgia, where he met

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The Best Green Clothing & Accessories for Spring 2021

Green is one powerful shade. While it might most famously denote envy, it’s also a color of hope, regeneration, and rebirth — three things that we’re definitely hungry for right now. After a year like 2020, we’re doing everything we can to manifest change this year, so in the run-up to spring, it feels only right to refresh the wardrobe.

We saw a range of green pieces punctuate Spring/Summer 2021 collections, from those of luxury houses through to streetwear labels. Designers like Bode and Saint Laurent have made our search for a wardrobe rebirth an easy task with plenty of

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