TJ Maxx hopes customers will ‘revenge shop’ to make up for a lost year

TJX (TJX), the owner of discount chains TJ Maxx and Marshalls, said Wednesday that sales at stores in the United States open for at least a year dropped 7% during the 13 weeks ending January 30 compared with the same stretch last year. CEO Ernie Herrman said on a call with analysts that consumer demand for clothing in the pandemic wasn’t “as great as it has been.”

But he expects that to change. Herrman predicts a “resurgence in consumer spending and revenge shopping once vaccines are widely available,” he said.

Revenge shopping is a “theory that once … Read More

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Huawei’s new Mate X2 foldable has Galaxy Fold-style screen

Huawei unveils the Chinese version of its foldable Mate X2. 

Screenshot by Sareena Dayaram/CNET

Huawei showed off its third-gen foldable, the Mate X2, on Monday in its native China, setting up a head-to-head battle with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 there. The launch comes as the future of Huawei’s smartphone business hangs in the balance amid tough US sanctions.

As rumoured, the Mate X2 has an inward-folding screen that opens and shuts like a book, extending into an 8-inch screen when unfurled. It diverges from the original design of the Mate X, which has a front-facing single screen that folds

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BLM in Italian Fashion Campaign Shows Early Tangible Results | Business News

By COLLEEN BARRY, AP Fashion Writer

MILAN (AP) — A digital runway show by five Italian fashion designers of African origin opens Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday, one tangible result of a campaign launched last summer by the only Black Italian designer belonging to the Milan fashion chamber.

After some initial resistance and a slow start, designer Stella Jean credits the Italian National Fashion Chamber with “a lot of goodwill” in pushing through an enhanced collaboration with five young designers, including financing and partnerships with Italian suppliers.

“When you want to do something, you can do them immediately,’’ said Jean,

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The fashion police are judging you on Zoom (Opinion)

Indeed, now we need to make ourselves and our homes presentable while also managing the new demands of kids learning remotely from home. Some people have settled for a designated “Zoom shirt” reserved specifically for video appearances while others have taken to quarantine-friendly athleisure designed to communicate a down-to-earth nonchalance. We stage managed webcam-friendly bookshelves, groaning with weighty tomes and strategically placed books that announced our hipness, creativity, political values or interests. It’s telling that Room Rater, which began as a lighthearted assessment of webcam lighting and composition, has become a kind of status competition that rewards the most prestigious
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Woman awarded $7,700 for five years of housework in China divorce ruling | World news

A Chinese divorce court has ordered a man to pay his wife the equivalent of US $7,700 as compensation for housework during their five-year marriage.

Under a new civil code that came into effect last month, a person may seek compensation from their partner during a divorce if they were the primary carer for children or elderly parents, or did most of the unpaid household work. The amount should be negotiated, but if that fails then it will be decided by court.

A Beijing court ruled the husband, surnamed Chen, must pay his now ex-wife, Wang, the sum of 50,000

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40 Best-Dressed Celebrities 2021 – 2021 Best Men’s Celebrity Style


The way we dress now is changing. Old codes are out the window, new ones are still being written, and all around, it’s clear that there’s no one way to do things anymore. That’s great news! It means we’re free to forge our own paths, and maybe even get a little freaky with it. But it’s also, perhaps, a little overwhelming.

So, when things are in flux and the answers aren’t easy to come by, what’s a guy to do? First things first, take a look at the folks on this list, a compendium of the best-dressed celebrities on

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