From tent dresses to Fran-spotting: this week’s fashion trends | Fashion

Going up

Wild boxing Judging by all the people training in our local park, it’s the new cold swimming.

Tent dress A contender for the re-entry dress of 2021, because you can wear it over thermals.

Smells like Tween Spirit A new generation paying homage to the Nirvana frontman, from Kid Cudi’s dress (worn on SNL) to Louis Vuitton’s new cardigans.

Respect for that. Photograph: Alamy

Feather trim It’s the new fringing. See Carey Mulligan in Saint Laurent on SNL.

Fran-spotting Thanks to gossip site @deuxmoi, and her recognisable coats, the hottest New York pastime is

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‘It’s about time:’ In historic first, two powerful women flank U.S. president

President Joe Biden’s address to Congress broke a historic glass ceiling on Wednesday, as two women – Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – sat behind the president for the first time in U.S. history.

The seating arrangement carried a symbolic meaning for the advancement of U.S. women in recent decades, since Harris and Pelosi stand first and second in the presidential line of succession, respectively.

Harris, the first woman and the first Black and Asian person to serve as vice president, sat to Biden’s right. Pelosi, who became the first woman speaker of the House of

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Amazon Expects the Pandemic-Fueled Shopping Frenzy to Continue

(Bloomberg) — Inc., which benefited from a surge in online shopping during the pandemic, expects the trend to continue even as consumers get back to work and resume the vestiges of normal life.

This time a year ago, Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos warned investors that the spread of Covid-19 was going to be costly, in new facilities to meet demand from homebound shoppers and precautions to keep its operations running safely. Amazon hired hundreds of thousands of workers and continued to open warehouses at a rate of one every 24 hours.

Quarterly results released on Thursday show

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‘Unsellable Houses’ Reveals the Hottest Home Style Right Now

Ever wonder which home style is the top seller today? According to “Unsellable Houses” stars Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, buyers are going nuts for the calm, coastal look—which explains why their latest renovation is awash in seaside vibes.

In the Season 2 episode “Nest Egg Reno,” Lamb and Davis meet Shannon and her mother, Monica. Monica wants to sell her three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Arlington, WA, for $400,000. But after three months on the market, it hasn’t gotten one decent offer.

Davis and Lamb invest $34,000 and three and a half weeks to give this house a

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‘It’s about self-love’: the black women busting beauty myths in west Africa | Global development

Women kick the sand from their slippers, and ease into the cool comfort of a natural hair and skincare store in central Dakar. On the shelves are jars filled with handmade supplements of organic shea butter, coconut, castor and olive oils, sourced from across west Africa.

In floral silk hijabs and abaya dresses, the women sit on sofas near the back of the store, discussing their hair beneath a mural of poised black women and men, wearing a mixture of classic natural black hairstyles.

Khadidiatou Ba’s Afro Feewi store, a “safe space” hosting community groups and free hair consultations,

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Abandoned but not forgotten: Spokane Valley may tackle shopping cart problem

Once you start looking, they’re not hard to find.

On Monday afternoon, a few sat on an empty lot in front of Walmart. A trio, full of trash, was lined up next to some garbage cans on Custer Road. And the western side of Spokane Valley, along Sprague Avenue, was littered with shopping carts.

Advance Auto Parts General Manager Jhonny Montufar estimated he’s seen as many as 100 abandoned shopping carts in the area at once. They typically get cleared out after a few days.

“It really doesn’t affect us much,” Montufar said, “other than it being an eyesore.”


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