The Launch: April’s Hottest Fashion Launches

Now that it’s officially springtime, fashion is blooming with collaborations, launches, and exciting news. From Comme des Garçons’ buzzy collab with Converse to Nike’s retro swim collection, see the hottest style news below.

Come back for more as we update our gallery with the newest drops as the month continues.

Dan Cassab Collaborates on Accessories Launch With Artist Leta Sobierajski

Who: Dan Cassab

What: Accessories collaboration with Leta Sobierajski

Where: Available exclusively on

Why: Dan Cassab, a Mexican leather jacket label focused on hyperlocal craftmanship at the peak of quality and passion, is debuting their first line of accessories

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Women’s rights groups back transgender athletes competing in female sporting events

On the first day of his administration, President Biden issued an executive order saying student-athletes should compete under the sex they identify as.

His action spurred a tug of war, pitting those who oppose allowing transgender women to compete in women’s sports against those who support it. 

Some of the nation’s largest and oldest women’s rights groups were quick to establish which side of the line they fall on, declaring that transwomen rights are women’s rights and drawing questions about whether they are backing what some say is an uneven playing field.

“As courts and scientists overwhelmingly have stated, transgender

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How Do I Buy a Rolex? Shopping Fancy Watch Boutiques for the First Time

Illustration: Till Lauer

Originally published by Sarah Miller on Hodinkee.

Here’s the extent of my relationship with watches: As a kid, I had a Snoopy Tennis Action watch, the one where his front leg is the hour hand, the racket is the minute hand, and a tennis ball is the seconds hand. I wanted it so badly. Then childhood passed, and it disappeared. That was 40 years ago. I haven’t worn a watch since.

do have an old dead watch from an old dead San Francisco men’s store, still sitting in a drawer. Some guy

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Detroit-Style Pizzeria Via 313 Expands Outside of Austin with Three New Locations

Detroit-style pizzeria Via 313 has announced its first round of new locations from its partnership with restaurant-focused investment company Savory from last year. The new Via 313 locations are 2111 North IH-35 in Round Rock, 1335 East Whitestone Boulevard in Cedar Park, and its first out-of-state location in Salt Lake City, with all the locations scheduled to open later this year.

Via 313 is known for its rectangular, super-cheesy deep-dish Detroit-style pizza, though some locations also serve bar-style pizza, appetizers, and dessert. The Round Rock location will have a full bar, and will also share the building, a former Fuddrucker’s,

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30 amazing fashion finds under $100 at Nordstrom

(CNN) —  

For many of us, it’s been a while since we thought to refresh our wardrobe — disregarding the orders upon orders of sweatpants, cozy robes and miscellaneous loungewear. But now that it may be getting safer and safer to transition back to “normal” life, getting reacquainted with real clothes is imminent. Where better to start our search for new pieces than Nordstrom?

The retailer seemingly has it all, but to fashion insiders it’s a coveted place to discover the latest and greatest in the industry. “Nordstrom is a great place to shop,” says Los Angeles-based celebrity fashion stylist

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Guy returns to his car after shopping to find 15,000 bees inside

Off-duty firefighter Jesse Johnson, a beekeeper, removed the bees from the car.

Las Cruces Fire Department

Let’s hope he picked up some Honey Nut Cheerios. A New Mexico man returned to his car after grocery shopping only to discover 15,000 honey bees hitching a ride in the back seat. Thankfully, an off-duty firefighter with beekeeping experience told the bees to buzz off.

On Sunday, the Las Cruces, New Mexico, fire department was called to an Albertsons grocery store, where a shopper had started to drive off before noticing a giant swarm of bees in his back seat. (How did he

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