Low-rise jeans and Y2K fashion is back. Don’t panic.

Some time ago (as in, before pants made out of denim ceased to be part of our day-to-day wardrobes) I made a bet with a friend who said that she’d never wear low-rise jeans again. There were whispers going around that the most maligned item of mid-aughts clothing was starting to pop up on Bella Hadid, fashion show runways, and cool young people in places like downtown Manhattan — basically the trifecta of “things that are going to become a Thing.”

Anyway, I set a reminder on my phone that by the year 2025, she’d be wearing low-rise pants again

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Missing California woman issued ominous warning to family

A California mother of three who’s been missing since early January reportedly delivered an ominous warning to family members days before her disappearance — blaming the husband she was about to divorce if anything happened to her.

“If anything happened to me, it would be Larry,” Maya Millete told relatives during an early January camping trip, referring to her husband, Larry Millete, a family member told Fox News.

Maya Millete vanished days later on Jan. 7 in Chula Vista after scheduling an appointment with a divorce lawyer.

“She filled out the form. She was going to meet with a

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Detroit-style pizza shines a spotlight on Wisconsin’s brick cheese

Brick cheese, invented in Wisconsin in the 1870s, lately is blossoming under fresh national attention, thanks to the widespread popularity of Detroit-style pizza. 

Brick cheese is considered one of the things that make the pizza Detroit style, though it’s uncommon and often unheard of outside the Midwest. (Teena Buholzer, who oversees marketing for the family-owned Klondike Cheese Co. in Monroe, said a focus group on the East Coast found puzzlement over the cheese. “Most people don’t comprehend that it’s a style of cheese,” she said; they think it refers simply to the shape.) 

A brick blend is used at Buddy’s

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New women’s clothing and accessories pop-up to open in the Moorhead Center Mall

Barb’s Basement Boutique, a women’s clothing and accessories shop, will open as a “pop-up” store by the mall’s food court, starting at noon on Wednesday, April 7.

Barb Schramm got it into her head to move her boutique from her basement to an empty store space while getting a haircut at Mane Impressions at the mall.

She thought the closing of the mall’s Christopher & Banks store presented an opportunity, “because I do have a lot of customers.”

Success at the recent Spring Variety Market cemented the decision.

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“That was a big success for me. It said, yes there is

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Luxury fashion brands poised to join the NFT party

Amber Jae Slooten, co-founder of The Fabricant, a digital fashion house, says the really fun part of NFTs is in going beyond the physical. “I wouldn’t want to encourage brands to simply copy their physical items,” she says. “I would encourage them to go beyond their physical reality. For instance, we designed one shoe that was a flaming shoe. You can create all kinds of digital couture looks that could never exist in real life.”

The Fabricant recently ran a 3D fashion design competition in collaboration with Adidas and Karlie Kloss’s nonprofit, Kode With Klossy. The top 20 submissions were

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Lena Dunham announces plus-size fashion range: ‘There’s so much judgment’ | Lena Dunham

Announcing her own plus-size fashion range on Monday, the writer and actor Lena Dunham said her aim was to stop the perception that plus-size women are “stupid”.

The five-piece collaboration with 11 Honoré follows the Girls creator’s catwalk debut last year, for 16Arlington at London Fashion Week.

“There’s so much judgment around bigger bodies and I think one of those judgments is that bigger women are stupider,” Dunham told the New York Times.

“They eat too much and don’t know how to stop. Thin women must be discerning and able to use their willpower. Bigger women must be

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