Israel refused trans woman transfer to women’s prison, cited ‘appearance’

A transgender woman who was placed in a men’s prison had her transfer request to a women’s prison denied by Israel’s prison service, on the basis of the woman’s “masculine appearance,” despite a doctor affirming that she should be treated as a woman and that she had only stopped her hormone treatment due to an allergic reaction, Haaretz reported on Thursday. 

According to the report, the woman was eventually transferred on Thursday to the Neveh Tirtza women’s prison from the Nitzan men’s prison, but only after spending a total 15 days in isolation – in violation of prison service regulations

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How to track third-party accessories using Apple’s Find My

Apple announced on Wednesday the first third-party accessories to receive support for the Find My feature. Aside from locating your own Apple devices, it’s now possible to locate some other accessories as well, here’s how.

With iOS 14.3, iPadOS 14.3, and macOS Big Sur 11.1 or later, you can keep track of compatible third-party products in the Item tab of the Find My app, using an encrypted, anonymous network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices.

The company explains that devices in the Find My network use secure Bluetooth technology to detect missing items nearby and report their approximate location

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The Hottest Fashion of the Pandemic Is the Pajama Set

  • If you splurged on a matching pajama set for the first time over the last year, you’re not alone.
  • Those fortunate enough to maintain an income shifted “scheduled spend” from normal routines to indulgences.
  • People also satisfied their “skin hunger” with silks, satins, plushes, and Peruvian cottons.
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In March 2020, Vanessa Diaz was supposed to be in Mexico getting married. Instead she was quarantined in her Los Angeles apartment with her fiance and their chihuahua/pug mix, Raisin Bran. But she had just splashed out on a new set of pajamas she was planning

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How High Can Fashion Prices Go? | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

With its hand-woven Italian-leather clutches and impossibly soft double-faced cashmere coats, Bottega Veneta has always positioned itself at the high end of the high-end market. Even in its new incarnation under Daniel Lee, it’s the luxury brand most closely associated with “stealth wealth” or quietly signalling status to those in the know rather than brash flash.

But while Bottega still sells plenty of minimalist-approved products, Lee’s collections have more look-at-me-appeal, generating plenty of social media debate, even after the brand disabled its Instagram account and wiped its Weibo presence.

Most recently, the fashion-conscious corner of Instagram was up in arms

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‘I just want women to be safe’: Women who resigned from UMD math department speak out about sexism

“I think it was very clear that there were certain members of the faculty who felt I did not deserve a tenured faculty position at the college,” said Bibelnieks, who was a tenured faculty member at a different school prior to starting at UMD in 2014.

While working in an environment that she said harmed her physical and mental well-being and affected her family relationships, Bibelnieks drafted many resignation letters. She never sent them to the people they were addressed to. Instead, she would remove their email addresses and just send them to herself. It made her feel better.


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Prince Philip, Style Icon – The New York Times

There is a moment in the first season of “The Crown” when the actor Matt Smith, as the perennially tetchy consort of Queen Elizabeth II, bristles at the constraints of his job. With a case of lockjaw severe enough to cause concern for his molars, Mr. Smith portrays the Duke of Edinburgh (whom the queen would not make a prince until five years after she succeeded to the throne) as an arch complainer, a man who views the 20th-century monarchy as little more than “a coat of paint” on a crumbling Empire.

“If the costumes are grand enough, if the

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