Haute hearing: fashion podcasts for an education in style

Here, we take a sartorial saunter through the most captivating fashion podcasts on our style radar. From dazzling anecdotes on the luxury world of the 1990s to in-depth analysis of the business of fashion, plug in and feel your sense of style soar. 

Chanel Connects

What will the creativity look like in the future? It’s a question that the design industry has mused on for the last year, as in the wake of Covid-19, museums have shuttered, fashion shows have slowed and fairs, showcases and opening events have all ground to a halt. Chanel’s latest podcast, ‘Chanel Connects’, presents a

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How Keith Raniere lured young women into sex slave cult NXIVM

Camila became a sex slave as a young girl not long after she moved with her family from Mexico to New York. But it wasn’t until years later, when she was 25, that she realized she wasn’t the only one. 

The revelation came from Keith Raniere, the leader of self-help company Nxivm (pronounced “Nexium”) based in Albany, NY. Camila — her last name is protected by court order — first became involved in the organization at 13, when her parents signed her up for Nxivm’s life-coaching program. Her first conversation with Raniere was about her eighth-grade spelling bee. 

A few

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Shopping for a new TV? Read this first to get the best deal

Whether in-store or online, big or small, OLED or LCD — TV pricing follows an annual cycle.

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Like clockwork, the prices on televisions follow a regular annual cycle. Knowing when prices will fall could save you some money or at least some pricing anxiety. Here’s the cycle in a nutshell: CES, Super Bowl, spring shipments, minor summer price drops, fall/Black Friday/holiday major price drops.

New TVs are announced at CES in January. They’re not available then, however. There are often sales in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl in February, but they’re on the previous year’s

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Mother unraveled in depression, QAnon-style conspiracies in months before she killed 3 kids

Liliana Carrillo’s unraveling over the last year alarmed people in her life.

On Facebook, she spoke of “random invasive feelings of despair and pain.” She said she was “hating being a parent” to her brood of young children and wished she could go back in time.

“I have absolutely no patience or tolerance left,” she added.

More recently, she began to echo the delusion of QAnon believers. She was consumed by the idea that Porterville, Calif., was the site of a child sex-trafficking ring, according to court records, and contended that the blame for the pandemic rested on her shoulders.

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Chinese Woman Goes Viral After Hitting Boss With Mop for Alleged Harassment

A woman has gone viral on Chinese social media after hitting her boss with a mop over inappropriate text messages.

What happened: The woman, a government worker from northeastern China who has been identified only as Zhou, was caught on video fighting back after her boss had allegedly harassed her, the New York Times reported.

  • In the 14-minute Weibo video, which has been watched millions of times, Zhou pours water over her boss.

  • Zhou also throws books at his face and beats him with a mop while he tries to apologize.

  • She claims that she received unwanted text messages

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The Week in Business: Let’s Go Shopping

Good morning. The economy is showing more signs of recovery — jobs are coming back, the stock market is up (again) and people are spending money. Here’s the latest in business and tech news for the week ahead. Stay safe out there. — Charlotte Cowles

So, what did you buy with your stimulus check? Retail sales in March blew past expectations, soaring nearly 10 percent as the latest round of federal relief funds trickled into bank accounts. Restaurants and bars saw a 13 percent bump in business, and sales of clothing and accessories rose

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