Flashback: Samsung’s long history of fashion phones includes Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss

The LG KE850 Prada was the first phone with a capacitive touchscreen, beating Apple’s iPhone to the punch by a couple of months. But it’s not the only touch phone to partner up with a fashion brand – while LG was in cahoots with Prada, Samsung approached Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss.

The Samsung P520 Armani was launched at Giorgio Armani’s show at Milan Fashion Week in 2007. It had a small 2.6” display (240x320px, 4:3). Well, it was fairly large for a featurephone back then, but it was small for an all-touch phone. And it was a resistive touchscreen

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Meghan McCain says pressure to bounce back after baby makes ‘women feel bad about themselves’

Meghan McCain is the latest new mom speaking out on the pressure to “bounce back” after giving birth. 

The View co-host, who gave birth to daughter Liberty Sage McCain Domenech on Sept. 28, took to Twitter on Sunday to call out unrealistic expectations put on new mothers, arguing that they “make women feel bad about themselves.”

Meghan McCain says the pressure to bounce back after having a baby makes “women feel bad about themselves.” (Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)

“I absolutely loathe the phrase ‘post baby body!'” the 36-year-old wrote. “It’s designed to make women feel bad about themselves

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A Dairy Start-Up Brings European-Style Butter to Colorado

Eat and Drink

Colorado Springs–based Sawatch Artisan Foods makes ultra-creamy butters and cheeses using small-batch manufacturing processes.


Locally made, European-style butter is difficult to find in Colorado. Now, a dairy start-up is bringing the butter—which is known for its elevated fat content and arguably more delicious flavor—stateside, leading the whey, er, way, in its industry. Colorado Springs–based Sawatch Artisan Foods delivers a growing selection of small-batch-produced, higher-fat butters and cheeses. “We started with a focus on creating sustainably made, high-quality dairy products

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Nordstrom features Haiti made face masks, hair accessories


Haitian-American fashion designer Dayanne Danier was at the end of a 10-day trip to rural Central Haiti in late January checking on the production of her latest creations when one of the seamstresses turned to her as she prepared to leave.

“Don’t forget to send the fabric,” Danier, 43, recalled the woman saying. “Don’t take too long.”

Danier had been going back and forth between New York and Haiti since the country’s monstrous 2010 earthquake. She had watched as interest in Haiti’s handmade arts and crafts piqued soon after the disaster with well-known American designers buying

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Fashion Trends of Summer 2021

Our sights are set on summer and for many, the sweet sound of freedom is ringing through the air. With that, our desire to get dressed up again is stronger than ever. As cold days roll away, airier fabrics and lighter hues will have recharged powers. Leaning into color and showing hints of skin will also feel fresh again. Striking a balance between everyday apropos and joyful, the summer trends for 2021—from pastels to mini skirts to strap details—are fun, but also wearable. Ahead, six summer trends to get lost in.

Primetime Pastels

A pale pastel palette is calming on

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Women gives birth on flight to Hawaii, with help from doctor and nurses on board

A Utah woman gave birth to a baby boy midway through a flight to Hawaii last week and was treated by a doctor and three neonatal nurses who happened to be on board.

Lavinia “Lavi” Mounga traveled from Salt Lake City to Honolulu on a Delta flight when she went into labor and delivered her son, Raymond Mounga, at 29 weeks on Wednesday.

Dr. Dale Glenn, a Hawaii Pacific Health Family Medicine physician, and three neonatal intensive care nurses from North Kansas City Hospital, Lani Bamfield, Amanda Beeding, and Mimi Ho, were on board and helped take care of Lavinia

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