Retailers take cues from streetwear, Gen Z

The off-price retailer Saks Off Fifth has teamed up with The Phluid Project to create a line of gender-fluid apparel, coinciding with Pride Month.

Source: Saks Off Fifth

For Christina McCann, shopping at the mall involves sifting through the women’s and the men’s aisles in search of the perfect outfit.

McCann, who is nonbinary, often starts out by perusing dresses, which tend to be a better fit for a female body type. Then, McCann will shift to the men’s side of a store to pick out more masculine items: combat boots, oversized tees and sweatpants. McCann, who uses the gender-neutral

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‘Bride kidnapping’ haunts rural Kyrgyzstan, causing young women to flee their homeland

There are many types of forced marriage in this world, but perhaps the most dramatic is marriage by abduction, or bride kidnapping.

Bride kidnapping is common in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, the Caucasus and Central Asia. In rural Kyrgyzstan, where over 60% of the country’s population lives, surveys suggests 1 in 3 marriages begins with a kidnapping.

There, bride kidnapping is known as “ala kachuu,” which translates as “to take and run away.” It became illegal in 1994, but the practice continues today, especially in rural areas.

And our research on labor migration in the country suggests

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Shopping at Noah With Everyone’s Favorite Menswear Dude, Chris Black

Sure, there is a freeness about Black and clothes that makes him easy to talk to. He doesn’t necessarily care about how things are made, the story of the fabric or where it hails from, but the broader vibe the garb gives off. He notes that he likes “Clapton in his prime when he was wearing trench coats and penny loafers,” “Harrison Ford in the polo shirt and short shorts,” and a “J.Crew catalog from 1994 mixed with a Spacemen 3 T-shirt from 1994.” Most recently, he bought what he thinks was Sofia Coppola’s CD wallet off of eBay while

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Seattle style: What are your shoes saying about you?

Shoes talk.

First to the wearer.

“Think you can walk one block with us? Sure, we look good, but you’ll pay the price.”

Shoes also speak about the wearer. They can reveal personality, age, income and environment.

On a local visit, Clinton Kelly, former “What Not To Wear” TV fashion consultant, described Seattleites’ footwear: “A lot of them wear shoes that look like baked potatoes.”

Maybe. But in our often wet, hilly terrain, those “baked potatoes” are comfortable and sensible. That doesn’t mean they’re dull.

Colorful glass sculptor Dale Chihuly said, “My life wouldn’t be fulfilling without constantly creating new

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Selena Gomez Gets Candid About Her Best (and Worst) Fashion Moments

“Oh, I’m nervous. Oh, it’s bad.” This may be how Selena Gomez kicked off her Life in Looks video for Vogue, but a look back at some of the singer’s most iconic fashion moments is hardly frightful—rather, they range from edgy and cool to glamorous and feminine. 

For a blast from the past, Gomez kicked off the series with a punky outfit she wore to an ABC All Star party in 2007. “It’s so bad,” she says of her oversized tee, skinny jeans, and white stiletto boots, which she styled herself. “I thought I was so cool, you guys.” However,

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Woman dies after fall at US national park; body recovered

Officials at a national park in Utah say a 26-year-old woman has died after falling in a canyon

SPRINGDALE, Utah — A 26-year-old woman has died after falling in a canyon at a U.S. national park in Utah, officials said.

The woman’s body was recovered Sunday evening from Mystery Canyon at Zion National Park, the National Park Service said in a news release.

According to visitors, the woman was canyoneering alone and fell 50 to 80 feet (15

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