Master the seemingly impossible old style of stride piano

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of piano players like the mention of stride piano. This seemingly impossible old style is like ragtime on steroids and pushes jazz pianists to the limit.  

The left-hand alternates a low bass, frequently played in tenths, with close position midrange chords, while the right hand provides melody, syncopations, lines, and runs. The total effect is a relentless, locked-down swing eighth-note feel.

Even if you can’t invest the hours necessary to master stride, studying its fundamentals will increase your harmonic language skills and centre your time feel. 

Plus, there’s nothing wrong with gaining an

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16 Style Releases and New Watches We’re Obsessed About This Week

The first week of May is officially over. (What’s that saying again? April showers bring May flowers?) Surely spring has arrived in some parts, while others are battling wetter weather. As such, colorful releases on the watch and style sides are aplenty. There are collaborative shoes from several companies, an update to an original Oris dive watch, ultra-short shorts in an eclectic print, a Timex release with a record label and plenty more to peruse.

Yema Navygraf Marine Nationale Watch Collection


French watchmaker Yema has had a history of military collaborations, the latest of which is with the French

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The Style Tribes of TikTok

Since its launch in the US in 2017, TikTok has become the Ripley’s Believe It or Not of social media platforms: its allure is largely derived from the unexpected people, places and things that its algorithm transforms into viral sensations. In the fashion community, especially, it has enabled the proliferation of countless “style tribes,” each with their own visual identity and ethos. “Social-born aesthetics are certainly not new, but in the last year, they’ve captivated the masses,” Cassandra Napoli, a strategist at the trend forecasting agency WGSN, said. As TikTok use skyrocketed over the pandemic, these microcosms became one of

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Definitive Guide to Texas Style Barbecue: Everything You Need to Know

From East Texas boudain to South Texas cabezita.

Dan Gentile/Thrillist

Don’t expect Texas to have a single style of barbecue. That would be like French winemakers hawking a single grape varietal. Like Champagne, Central Texas brisket might be our most recognized brand and most popular export, but we’ve got plenty more to offer.

Barbecue changes pretty significantly across the state. It is 857 miles from Orange to El Paso, after all. There are, however, some common threads. You’re much more likely to find the larger, meatier pork spare ribs instead of dainty baby backs. Beef ribs can be found throughout

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For Mother’s Day, Roll Up A French-Style Omelet As A Way To Say ‘I Love You’

Are you thinking a regular omelet isn’t quite good enough for mom on Mother’s Day? Then on Sunday, give this a shot: a French-style omelet that’s elegant in both presentation and taste.

“I love making a super tender, super creamy, French-style omelet as a nice way of saying ‘Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. I love you,” says Jack Bishop of America’s Test Kitchen.

Unlike its diner-style counterpart, these are rolled, not folded, and include very little filling like vegetables and meats. [Watch this video to see that rolling technique.]

“If you think about a diner omelet, it’s mostly about the

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Soldadera Coffee debuts new Mexican-style can art, resealable cans

Mario Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of Soldadera Coffee, said the rebrand pays homage to the types of vibrant colors seen in Mexican and Hispanic art. Courtesy Soldadera Coffee

Soldadera Coffee, a Grand Rapids-based cold-brew coffee company, is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the launch of its strongly Mexican-inspired rebrand.

Mario Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of Soldadera Coffee, said the rebrand pays homage to the types of vibrant colors seen in Mexican and Hispanic art.

“That’s part of the culture itself, and it’s the identity that we are fully connecting to finally,” Rodriguez said. “We were halfway connecting with the

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