Months of pain, bloating led woman, 22, to rare ovarian cancer diagnosis

After two months of pelvic pain that doubled her over, frequent yeast infections, urinary tract infections and bloating, Catherine Saoud, then 22, learned that she had a 21-centimeter mass in her abdomen that was a rare ovarian cancer. While she felt shocked, she’s sharing her story to encourage women to listen to their bodies and seek help.

Catherine Saoud took this photo over a year ago when she initially noticed she was unusually bloated.Courtesy Catherine Saoud

“The message a lot of women hear is that this is normal, this happens and you just need to suck it up,” the

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Susan Tose Spencer broke glass ceiling for women in NFL front offices while saving Eagles from disaster

Randall Cunningham was dubbed “The Ultimate Weapon” when he took over the NFL world in the late 1980s, changing the way the quarterback position was played. Alongside being a nightmare for defenses, Cunningham brought life back to a dormant Philadelphia Eagles franchise.

The Eagles were thrust into the national spotlight and a new generation of fans was born from Cunningham joining the franchise. The untold story of the quarterback’s rise sits with one woman who spearheaded the braintrust that ensured Cunningham bore the “Kelly Green” jerseys that are still the most popular in the team’s history. Susan Tose Spencer, the

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Why Some Orthodox Jewish Women Won’t Get Vaccinated

New York City will spend as much as $60 million, according to one estimate by health officials, on a vaccine outreach program to combat hesitancy and access issues. But in many Orthodox neighborhoods messages from respected rabbis resonate more.

In Israel, where coronavirus restrictions have ceased now that the majority of the population has been vaccinated, state officials confronted similar difficulties with the ultra-Orthodox community. However, representatives from within the community waged an effective counter-messaging campaign.

But those messages have not been as successful in New York.

In the ZIP code for Borough Park in Brooklyn, which has a large

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Arkansas state trooper sued for allegedly causing a pregnant woman’s car to flip during traffic stop

An attorney for Janice Nicole Harper filed the lawsuit last month in Pulaski County, the county seat of Little Rock. Harper, who was two months pregnant at the time of the July 9, 2020, incident, alleges Arkansas State Police Trooper Rodney Dunn negligently performed the PIT maneuver that resulted in a motor vehicle collision.

Harper said she slowed down, but didn’t immediately pull over because there was no safe place for her to do so.

“The shoulder did not have enough room for my car alone, but my thoughts were also he, the officer, didn’t need to be standing beside … Read More

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India Covid-19: Women are falling behind in the country’s vaccination drive

India has partly or fully vaccinated about 101 million men, nearly 17% more than women. Men account for 54% of the total number of people inoculated, according to the data.

Many federally administered regions, the capital Delhi, and big states such as Uttar Pradesh have seen some of the worst inequities. Only Kerala in the south and Chhattisgarh in central India have vaccinated more women than men.

“We are noticing that men, especially in towns and villages, prefer to take the vaccine before women as they have to travel for work, while women are relegated to domestic chores,” said Prashant … Read More

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South African woman gives birth to 10 babies in Pretoria

A South African woman has reportedly given birth to 10 babies in what would be a new world record.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole’s husband says they were astonished by decuplets after scans only showed eight in the womb.

“It’s seven boys and three girls. I am happy. I am emotional. I can’t talk much,” her husband Teboho Tsotetsi told Pretoria News after the birth.

One South African official confirmed the births to the BBC, however another said they were yet to see the babies.

A family member, who did not want to be identified, told the BBC that Ms Sithole had

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