Beyond Disruption: Everlane’s Next Chapter | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

Everlane learned a hard lesson this past year: radical transparency, the slogan that helped position the brand as a leader in the crowded online fashion marketplace, is a moving target.

The direct-to-consumer label had become a go-to for a fast-growing cohort of conscious consumers, who were won over to the brand’s T-shirts, jeans and other wardrobe staples by its promises to partner with ethical factories, source only the best materials and expose information about the true cost of every product. “Radical transparency” defined the brand; Everlane even filed to trademark the term in 2017.

But though Everlane was early to

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Dowry Disputes Entangle Fashion Designers | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

Bridal fashion shows are, for the most part, about creating a fantasy around a beautiful bride in a spectacular gown on her perfect day. For bridal designers the world over, success in selling this fantasy is key to the bottom line for their business.

Clients’ expectations to see positive, aspirational imagery explain why Pakistani bridal designer, Ali Xeeshan, surprised many earlier this year when he released a fashion film on Instagram to promote his latest collection of bridal couture, in which the “bride,” a child model wearing an ornate red wedding gown, has tears running down her face as she

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The Shoe Styles That Will Rule the Summer | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

For most of the last year, Margaret Bonaparte, 29, rotated between white slip-on Vans from Madewell, white plastic Birkenstock slides and leather Nike sneakers. After receiving her first dose of the vaccine, she’s ready for a breath of fresh air. And some new shoes.

”I feel like we’re finally emerging from this cloud of darkness,” she said. “But I’m thinking about my shoes, and [it’s like], ‘Do I even like these?’”

Millions of Americans are ready to dress up again as they receive their vaccines and venture out to restaurants, outdoor concerts and weddings. The billion-dollar question for the fashion

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The Limits of Virtual Fashion | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

This month, fashion brands RTFKT and The Fabricant collaborated on a line of earrings, sneakers and formal wear. Priced between $20 to $10,000, the collection was sold on the online marketplace Dematerialised, which had over 3,000 users register for access to the drop.

In under 15 minutes, the entire collection sold out, a familiar anecdote in the age of streetwear. RTFKT and The Fabricant’s collection, however, was entirely virtual, meaning all the garments produced, as well as the fashion houses and the retailer that supported them, exist solely in the digital fashion realm. The pieces were issued as non-fungible tokens,

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How Retailers Can Hire for the Post-Pandemic Shopping Boom | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

The fashion industry is gearing up for the mother of all hiring binges.

Retailers big and small are staffing up fast in anticipation of a shopping surge this summer as more people are vaccinated and restrictions on indoor activities significantly lift. In March, clothing and accessories retailers added 16,000 jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a hiring pace more typically seen around the holiday shopping season. And that only counts roles in physical stores; retailers are also hiring thousands of workers to handle online orders in warehouses, customer service representatives and even sanitation specialists, according to Mark

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How High Can Fashion Prices Go? | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

With its hand-woven Italian-leather clutches and impossibly soft double-faced cashmere coats, Bottega Veneta has always positioned itself at the high end of the high-end market. Even in its new incarnation under Daniel Lee, it’s the luxury brand most closely associated with “stealth wealth” or quietly signalling status to those in the know rather than brash flash.

But while Bottega still sells plenty of minimalist-approved products, Lee’s collections have more look-at-me-appeal, generating plenty of social media debate, even after the brand disabled its Instagram account and wiped its Weibo presence.

Most recently, the fashion-conscious corner of Instagram was up in arms

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