Flashback: Samsung’s long history of fashion phones includes Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss

The LG KE850 Prada was the first phone with a capacitive touchscreen, beating Apple’s iPhone to the punch by a couple of months. But it’s not the only touch phone to partner up with a fashion brand – while LG was in cahoots with Prada, Samsung approached Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss.

The Samsung P520 Armani was launched at Giorgio Armani’s show at Milan Fashion Week in 2007. It had a small 2.6” display (240x320px, 4:3). Well, it was fairly large for a featurephone back then, but it was small for an all-touch phone. And it was a resistive touchscreen

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Chinese Woman Goes Viral After Hitting Boss With Mop for Alleged Harassment

A woman has gone viral on Chinese social media after hitting her boss with a mop over inappropriate text messages.

What happened: The woman, a government worker from northeastern China who has been identified only as Zhou, was caught on video fighting back after her boss had allegedly harassed her, the New York Times reported.

  • In the 14-minute Weibo video, which has been watched millions of times, Zhou pours water over her boss.

  • Zhou also throws books at his face and beats him with a mop while he tries to apologize.

  • She claims that she received unwanted text messages

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‘Skilled predator’ FBI boss harassed 8 women, watchdog finds

NEW YORK (AP) — One woman carried a ruler at FBI headquarters so she could smack James Hendricks’ hands when he reached for her legs and breasts. Another went home shaken after he tugged on her ear and kissed her cheek during a closed-door meeting.

And when Hendricks went on to lead the FBI’s field office in Albany, New York, in 2018, colleagues described him as a “skilled predator” who leered at women in the workplace, touched them inappropriately and asked one to have sex in a conference room, according to a newly released federal report obtained by The Associated

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3 women say Renaissance Festival boss assaulted them as teens

Two women have joined an earlier accuser in alleging that a onetime Renaissance Festival and Trail of Terror supervisor sexually assaulted them when they worked for him as teenagers, according to charges filed Wednesday.

The numerous counts of criminal sexual conduct in total span assaults from 2012 to 2017 while Bryan E. Ellinger managed staff at the seasonal attractions, and they support what prosecutors say he admitted after his arrest in January, when the first woman came forward.

“I guess I have predator behavior because I’m a predator” and need therapy for sex addiction, one of the two criminal complaints

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