Mom’s grocery cart hack makes shopping with kids much easier: ‘That’s so smart!’

This mom’s grocery cart hack has people on the internet talking.  

Lauren Clutter’s TikTok is dedicated to motherhood tips and hacks. Last year, she discovered a new shopping trick. It’s perfect for parents who are juggling restless children on all those necessary — but not exactly kid-friendly — trips to the supermarket.

In the video, Clutter and her two sons were in a supermarket parking lot. The mom had an empty grocery cart ready to go and her sons were eager to hop inside of it. 

“I learned this on TikTok,” Clutter said. “Did you know that you

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Shopping Cart Theory, and Practice

The next time you go to the grocery store, consider the ordinary shopping cart as something more than a rattling basket blocking your parking space.

In the 1930s, an American grocer named Sylvan Goldman invented the precursor to the modern day shopping cart, using a folding frame that was fixed on a set of wheels. He hoped that people would buy more groceries if they did not have to carry heavy baskets as they browsed.

And they did.

But over the decades, the shopping cart has evolved from its mundane existence as the centerpiece of every grocery store run.


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Returning the shopping cart: How a popular theory could relate to mask wearing, according to one expert

A growing theory online suggests your moral compass can be determined based on what you do with a shopping cart. But can that be translated to other areas of life?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It’s the difference between considerate and inconsiderate, courteous and discourteous.

The question is: Which one are you?

A growing theory online suggests your moral compass can be determined based on what you do with a shopping cart, and whether you put it back in the cart rack, or leave it stranded in the parking lot.

Ideally, it’s what you do when no one is watching. Some say

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Abandoned but not forgotten: Spokane Valley may tackle shopping cart problem

Once you start looking, they’re not hard to find.

On Monday afternoon, a few sat on an empty lot in front of Walmart. A trio, full of trash, was lined up next to some garbage cans on Custer Road. And the western side of Spokane Valley, along Sprague Avenue, was littered with shopping carts.

Advance Auto Parts General Manager Jhonny Montufar estimated he’s seen as many as 100 abandoned shopping carts in the area at once. They typically get cleared out after a few days.

“It really doesn’t affect us much,” Montufar said, “other than it being an eyesore.”


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Supermarket employee in Illinois saves baby in runaway shopping cart

Attention shoppers: There’s a hero in aisle 6.

A supermarket employee in Illinois is being hailed a hero after sprinting across the store’s parking lot to save a baby who was strapped into a runaway shopping cart.

Ben Mazur, a courtesy clerk at a Schnucks supermarket in Alton, was wrangling shopping carts on March 17 when he heard a car horn “repeatedly and frantically honking,” Schnucks recounted in a recent Facebook post. “As it turns out, the owner of the car was trying to get someone’s attention because there was a runaway cart rolling down the store’s parking lot,” according

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Supermarket employee saves baby in runaway shopping cart

ALTON, Ill. (KTVI) — A supermarket employee in Illinois was in the right place at the right time when he saved a baby in a runaway shopping cart.

Schnucks courtesy clerk Ben Mazur was on cart duty on March 17 when he realized something was wrong.

“I seen this large shopping cart rolling down the parking lot,” said Mazur.

The cart and child were headed straight for a stop sign, so he sprinted down

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