Female and Childfree, In Pictures

Zoë Noble was 32 when her doctor told her “the clock is ticking.”

The hysterectomy Ms. Noble needed to remove a fibroid was not up for discussion so far as her doctor was concerned, despite the fact that she didn’t want children. It took years of pain and an emergency room visit before she was finally granted the surgery at 37.

The practice of a physician denying a patient surgery on the assumption that a woman will change her mind about wanting children is common.

Credit…Topper Komm

“It’s as though a woman’s purpose in life is

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Kentucky Derby 2021 fashion pictures from Churchill Downs

Fashion did not take a backseat to the COVID pandemic at Churchill Downs on Derby Day.

Despite track attendance being limited to 40-50% capacity, there was still plenty of hats, shoes, dapper attire and of course, masks, to take in on the first Saturday in May.

As usual hats were a focal point at the Kentucky Derby, but with the addition of the coronavirus, specialty masks made sure to come out in full force to accent the tailored outfits. And plenty of folks made use of fashionable homemade masks and outfits, many saying they ordered online from Etsy and Amazon.

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