Adam Sandler Is a Fashion Sensation on TikTok

Everyone knows that trends are cyclical. Styles come in—we buy them, get sick of them, and they live in our closets, untouched and mildew-y, until we finally work up the courage to get rid of them. Then they come back in style, ever so slightly different looking, and only once we’ve finally gotten rid of them, of course.

That’s capitalism, baby. And that’s why it’s important to develop your own personal style, one that doesn’t change with the trends. Your own unique way of dressing that speaks to who you are, that makes you feel good. So much so that

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Instagram’s Tavern-Style Pizza Sensation, Jerry’s, Is Moving Into the Bear Paw Inn

For decades, Chicagoans have visited bars and eaten what they call tavern-style pizza: A thin-crusted, crispy, borderline cracker-eque round pie cut into squares. It’s a phenomenon throughout the Midwest; many — including Eater Chicago’s Ashok Selvam — argue that Chicago’s tavern-style pies are more Chicago than the ubiquitous deep-dish, set aside for special occasions or tourists. Tavern-style pizza, on the other hand, is weeknight pizza, the stuff the locals eat on a Friday night.

Portland has several pies represented within city limits: Neapolitan, Detroit-style, Sicilian squares, even something similar to New Haven’s famous apizza. Chicago deep-dish can be

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