More Young Women Are ‘Drinking To Cope,’ In A Dangerous Trend : Shots

By the time Victoria Cooper enrolled in an alcohol treatment program in 2018, she was “drinking for survival,” not pleasure, she says — multiple vodka shots in the morning, at lunchtime and beyond. In the treatment program, she saw other women in their 20s struggling with alcohol and other drugs. “It was the first time in a very long time that I had not felt alone,” she says.

Ferguson Menz/Kaiser Health News

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Ferguson Menz/Kaiser Health News

By the time Victoria Cooper enrolled in an alcohol treatment program in 2018, she was “drinking for survival,” not pleasure,

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Angelina Jolie Tests Out Summer’s Biggest Denim Trend

Angelina Jolie doesn’t waste time on trends. The actress-director keeps her clothes classic and consistent, sticking to a well-edited list of designers, silhouettes, and stores. So when Jolie adds a new element to her wardrobe, it’s worth noting. After celebrating her 46th birthday in Los Angeles weekend with her six children, the Oscar-winner breezed into New York’s John F. Kennedy airport with the whole family and a chic new look. With her Dior trench coat, Celine horizontal cabas tote bag, and grey face covering, Jolie was (almost) incognito, but no one could ignore her statement denim. Dressed in light blue,

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Bike shorts: Summer’s hottest fashion trend


There are a few fashion items that are particularly divisive among the fashion crowd. (Think: Crocs, micro purses or even the thought of wearing socks with sandals.) But there are some pieces that manage to make a resurgence so strong, it’s impossible to deny their staying power — and bike shorts are one of them.

The polarizing athleisure trend first made waves with one miss Princess Diana back in the ’90s, and after a two-decade hiatus, bike shorts aren’t just back in the trend cycle: They’re a veritable closet staple for just about any woman, no matter if

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Why brown is so on trend in fashion and design

Welcome to Noticed, The Goods’ design trend column. You know that thing you’ve been seeing all over the place? Allow us to explain it.

What it is: Brown is having a renaissance. From deep chocolate to buttery toffee, brunette hues have returned from fashion exile to become one of the most sought-after shades of the year. Long considered dated, dull, and unsophisticated — especially when compared to fellow neutrals like black, white, and gray — the color seems to have rehabilitated its public image and emerged as a mainstay in the homes and wardrobes of celebrities, models, designers, and

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Shop The Sheer Fashion Trend That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

As we shed our layered outfits for the warmer months, our summer outfit inspiration is all about sheer clothing. The see-through look is already all over Instagram, and while this trend can come off as daunting at first, there are a variety of pieces and styles to make it work for you. Plus, we’ve shopped out the best options for a sheer fit summer and there’s definitely something for everyone.

Designers like Dior, Alberta Ferretti, and Fendi set the tone for barely-there dressing on the runway with colorful frocks paired over knit sets, hot pants, and bodysuits for

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Sheba Turk talks personal style, bright colors and her new favorite trend | The Latest | Gambit Weekly

Whatever bright color you can imagine, Sheba Turk has already pulled it off effortlessly. Whether on air as a WWL-TV anchor or off the air — in her wardrobe or even in her home decor — she’s constantly playing with color. She doesn’t limit herself to just one statement piece, opting instead to pair a vibrant dress or pantsuit with a bold lip color, striking shoes and large earrings. We talked to the local fashionista herself to get some style tips, in hopes of one day channeling even an ounce of her flair.

Gambit: Where do you draw style inspiration

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