The Anime’s Largest Variations To Disney’s Magnificence & The Beast

Mamoru Hosoda’s movie Belle takes apparent inspiration from Disney’s Magnificence and the Beast, however even with that, the flicks differ in a couple of methods.

Warning: Incorporates spoilers for Belle.

Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle takes lots of inspiration from Disney’s Magnificence and the Beast, however there are nonetheless notable variations between the 2 films. Belle makes no effort to cover its Disney influences, even having veteran Disney animator Jin Kim do the character designs. As many similarities because it has, although, it has simply as many variations to permit it to face out as its personal story.

Belle is the story of Suzu Naito, an insecure lady who joins the digital world U and turns into the viral singing sensation Belle. As Suzu’s reputation takes off, she meets a violent participant named Dragon—sometimes referred to as “Beast”—and slowly turns into concerned with him, ultimately rising to love him for the softer persona he has beneath. The essential plot of a lady assembly a monster and loving him for what he’s on the within may be very harking back to Magnificence and the Beast, even going as far as to offer the primary characters the identical names, and there are even different elements that pay direct homage to it. Roses, the enduring image of Magnificence and the Beast, are a repeated picture in Belle; Dragon lives in a fortress with inhuman servants and throws Suzu out in a match of rage, even posing the identical method the Beast did within the Disney film; the 2 reconcile after Dragon protects Suzu from hazard, regardless of Dragon getting harm within the course of; the enduring ballroom scene of Magnificence and the Beast is given a close to one-to-one replication, and within the climax of the film, Dragon’s fortress is attacked by individuals making an attempt to kill him, which ends up in Belle having to place the whole lot on the road to try to save him.


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Belle has lots of direct references to Disney’s Magnificence and the Beast with various levels of subtlety, however there are nonetheless some notable variations. Most clearly, the film takes place in modern-day Japan versus eighteenth or nineteenth-century France, and as fantastical because the world of U may appear, all of it’s primarily based round know-how, not magic. Suzu and Dragon are additionally completely different from Belle and the Beast; Suzu doesn’t have the adventurous spirit that Belle had, for instance, and each her character arc and the film as an entire revolves primarily round her studying to place worth in herself. Dragon, in the meantime, isn’t affected by a punishment led to by his personal vanity just like the Beast did; relatively, his struggling stems from how in actual life, he’s a boy named Kei who has to place up with a bodily abusive father.


The scenes and components that instantly reference Magnificence and the Beast even have variations. When Dragon saves Suzu from hazard after throwing her out of the fortress, for instance, he doesn’t defend her from wolves, however from the Justices, a gaggle of self-appointed cops of U led by Justin, the film’s analog for Gaston. Justin additionally doesn’t have any attachment to Suzu like Gaston did to Belle; he solely cares about eliminating Dragon, which he tries to do by doxxing him versus killing him, and all of it stems from an obsessive have to all the time be in management. Moreover, in contrast to Magnificence and the Beast‘s Gaston, Justin’s battle with Dragon doesn’t finish the film, and it’s principally used to push Suzu to try to work out who he’s in actual life, which ends up in the true last battle in opposition to Kei’s abusive father. Lastly, whereas Belle does revolve so much round Suzu and Kei’s relationship, it’s in the end left ambiguous if it turned romantic ultimately, versus Belle and Prince Adam getting married on the finish of Magnificence and the Beast.

Belle is closely impressed by Magnificence and the Beast and Disney, and it usually reveals that off for all to see. Between its character designs, story beats, and central themes, the similarities to Magnificence and the Beast are blatantly obvious, however the plotting and characters are completely different sufficient to make it its personal distinctive interpretation. Both method, Belle in the end succeeds in doing the whole lot its inspiration sought to do and extra.

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